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In the context of sports, adaptation to ever changing circumstances is of great importance. Ultimateinstability helps to improve robustness of movement by constantly requiring focussed attention and triggering micro adjustments in order to maintain or regain stability in dynamic movement patterns. This way the human movement system is constantly challenged and motor control and learning is stimulated. The training method and materials boost information processing, add variability, encourage external focus and stimulate the implicit learning processes.

Find your edge when it comes to sport performance. Discover your movement boundaries and push your limits. The exercises range from more simple full body movements to highly coordinative and complex movement skills. Our products Aquabags® and Aquaballs® are being used on a national and international level of elite sports. The wide applicability, adjustable weight and ease of transport makes them invaluable for any serious athlete.

Wether it’s in golf, tennis, baseball, rugby, soccer or athletics – Ultimateinstability is a force to help you gain the edge!

No more excuses, train everywhere, any time.

Wether you are a seasoned fitness fanatic or just starting to work out. Ultimateinstability is here to help you to improve your fitness, core balance and shape.

Survival of the fittest is all about survival of what fits and what is able to adapt to any circumstance. Ultimateinstability helps you to build a robust physique that can withstand a challenge. No more excuses, training is everywhere and challenges are here for you to take. Not only the larger muscle groups need to get triggered but also the small stabilising muscles have to get activated to control the movement. This way your body systems become more integrated, balanced and well-rounded. While moving through your whole movement chain you won’t forget a single muscle. Furthermore increasing heart-rate becomes peanuts due to the uncontrolled water force which makes it ideal for high intensity training. And because you can adjust the water it offers many training options that are always suited to your level, training needs and location. Life is a journey, its a discovery of movement, any time any place. 

Start training the Ultimateinstability way and you can handle any challenge that is being thrown at you!

Become anti-fragile, add disturbances, increase variability.

Ultimateinstability can help improve the rehabilitation process or injury prevention because of the unpredictable behavior of water movement. It asks for a better external focus and automatic correction of the body which stimulates implicit learning and transfer to daily life.

In order to return-to-play, prevent injuries or improve quality of life it is important to simulate the unpredictability of daily situations in a safe environment. The training methods of Ultimateinstability offer a wide array of exercises, protocols and progressions to stimulate not only the movement patterns during training but also the learning effect and transfer outside the training environment. Control and correction strategies are automised due to the increased amount of result information and feedback that is implied in the exercises and products. Furthermore many products on todays market for the improvement of stability have a drawback – they place the user on a surface which is unstable. With the use of the Aquabags and Aquaballs we are able to be more specific to daily situations due to perturbations from outside the body on a stable surface. This can enhance specificity and improve rehabilitation.

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Tailor a stronger body and improve or maintain a good quality of life. Start today and visit our Online Training Center where instruction videos help you to train safely and effectively with Ultimateinstability products.

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* Access to our Online Training Center can only be obtained by purchasing one of our products!

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